Daniel Mcintyre


Age: 25

Occupation: Exploration Geologist

Pre-occupation: Chasing Volcanoes

Number of unicycles: 4

Number of years Unicycling: 7

Why are you coming on Induni? To see an amazing part of the world whilst riding a unicycle.

What are you looking forward to most (on Induni)? The people, the challenge, the scenery

What is your favourite curry?? Lamb Madras with freshly baked garlic and coriander naan, lots of pompadoms, mint yoghurt and chunky mango chutney. MMMMMM!!!!

Favourite quote: “Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true.” – Neils Bohr

If I weren't riding a unicycle, I would be riding a.....Lava flow. Now all I need to do is find kayak that will withstand the +1000deg temperatures……

My most overused saying/phrase: Sweet mate, it’s all good.

Would you take candy from a stranger? A stranger is just a friend who you don’t know, and I imagine candy would help in the getting to know process…..

When I was little, the best piece of advice my mother/father gave me was: You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

My Unicycle: Nimbus 36"

The best thing about my unicycle: Wheel Size

The worst thing about my unicycle: Trying to work out how I am going to get it back to Australia from Denmark without having to pay excess baggage.


Wheel size: 36"

Tyre: TA road tyre, 36 X 2.25”

Rim: Black Aluminium

Tube: 36"

Spokes: 12 Gauge Steel

Hub: UDC extra wide CrMo hub

Cranks/Lengths: Pro wheel Alunium- 127mm

Pedals: Aluminium DX pedals

Frame: Nimbus 36" CrMo double-sided frame

Seatpost: Aluminium rail

Seat: Nimbus gel saddle

Handle: T7