Kevin Gilbertson (aka Gilby)

Hometown: Blaine, Minnesota, United States of America

Age 29

Occupation: Professional dot com bum

Pre-occupation: Lately, I've had a pre-occupation with liberty

Tiny Url

Number of unicycles: Sadly, I only have six at the moment

Number of years Unicycling: 21 years

Why are you coming on Induni? Life is full of regrets, and this would be one of them if I did not attend. What better way to see the world than by doing it on a unicycle?

What are you looking forward to most (on Induni)? The cultural experience

What is your favourite curry? Mmmm. Mmmm. I love all kinds of curry. Ever since the Laos Unitour, I've had a thing for Thai red curry, but I imagine that this tour could change that to an Indian curry.

If I weren't riding a unicycle, I would be riding a.....the internet waves

My most overused saying/phrase: "Sure"

Would you take candy from a stranger? It depends on the circumstances

My Unicycle

I still have the standard 2005 Schlumpf, which has a Schwalbe Big Apple tire and a Velo/KH seat. I did switch out the pedals for the more grippy pedals that come on Miyata's racing unicycles. Between now and the tour, I will probably experiment with handles, seats, or other things to try to relieve the potential of seat related pains.


Wheel size: 29"

Tyre: Big Apple

Hub: Schlumpf Road hub

Cranks/Lengths: 125mm

Frame: Schlumpf

Seat: KH/Velo