Jason Williams

Website: www.grasshopperadventures.com

Age 36

Occupation: Grasshopper Master

Pre-occupation: Do you mean last job? Tour Guide. Or do you mean what keeps me otherwise occupied? Marriage, running, cycling the back street of Bangkok.

Number of unicycles: Unicycles: 0. Bicycles: 58 I think.

Why are you coming on Induni? To make sure we know which way to go.

What are you looking forward to most (on Induni)? The views of the mountains.

What is your favourite curry? Penang

Favourite quote:

If I weren't riding a unicycle, I would be riding a.....tricycle

My most overused saying/phrase:I know the way, really I do.

Would you take candy from a stranger? No - where I live in Bangkok there are too many scammers to trust free offers.

When I was little, the best piece of advice my mother/father gave me was: don't offer up useless advice - go and learn for yourself.

My Two-wheeled Unicycle (twice the fun!)

The best thing about my two-wheeled-unicycle: it folds into a suitcase.

The worst thing about my two-wheeled-unicycle: no suspension


Wheel size: 20"

Tyre: round

Rim: also round

Tube: round when I put air inside

Spokes: shiny

Hubs: it goes around

Cranks/Lengths: helps me go forwards

Pedals: see cranks

Frame: Bike Friday - New World Tourist

Seatpost: Long

Seat: hard and narrow

Gears: 3 speed hub and 8 on the cassette

Handlebar: yes

Stem: also yes

Brakes: 2