Nathan Hoover


Hometown Los Gatos, California

Age 49

Occupation: Software Engineer


Number of unicycles: There are way over 20 in the garage...

Number of years Unicycling: 11

Why are you coming on Induni? Because I can

What are you looking forward to most (on Induni)? Seeing a new part of the world, riding with some excellent people and meeting the locals.

What is your favourite curry? Any curry that's not too spicy (yes I know I'll probably die several times on the tour from hot curries)

Favourite quote:

If I weren't riding a unicycle, I would be riding a..... I was going to say "another unicycle" but that would still be a unicycle. So I'll be boring and say a bike. I have bike toured lots in the past.

My most overused saying/phrase: Dude, you're so extreme.

Would you take candy from a stranger? Who wouldn't? Well, it depends on how strange really.

When I was little, the best piece of advice my mother/father gave me was: My dad always liked the quote "Wherever you go, there you are."

My Unicycle

The best thing about my unicycle: High gear

The worst thing about my unicycle: Only the gear is adjustable while riding, not the crank length. Also it's kind of heavy.


Wheel size: 36"

Tyre: Nimbus Nightrider

Rim: Stealth Pro

Tube: Coker

Spokes: Tom Miller custom

Hub: Schlumpf

Cranks/Lengths: 125/150

Pedals: Azonic Fusion

Frame: KH36" custom yellow

Seatpost: Thompson

Seat: Custom built on Gemcrest base

Handle: Wallace DeathGrip and custom built extension

Brake: Magura HS-33