Day 12

We woke up early to be interviewed by the local media. After talking to the local reporters we were filmed riding up and down the street for the TV cameras, and after yet more interviews we settled down for breakfast.

Most riders stayed on in Darjeeling for another couple of days, to explore the quirky little Himalayan mountain town. Many caught the Darjeeling steam train which seemed to run straight across many of the crowded streets.

Jason and Ken were the first to leave, but unfortunately were held up by the Indian Army just outside of Darjeeling. Their bus ran over a military road block, squashing their road spikes without puncturing the tyre. After a bit of machine gun waving by angry soldiers with guns, we were allowed to get on our way, minus the tour bus.

We were on the 6pm news later that evening (see the home page for the video). It was a fitting end to the tour, being world famous in India!

“I’ve turned it into a Tinyurl”
Geoff, on the Induni website, to Gilby, the Tinyurl guy

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