Day 1 | Siliguri

Geoff and Ken catch the flight from Calcutta to Bagdora. We meet up with Daniel on the flight and then caught a taxi to Siliguri, the start of the tour. The taxi ride is crazy, with all manner of things on the road. Kids, overloaded trucks, livestock, people carrying furniture on the bikes, beeping cars, tuk tuks, and buses packed like sardines. We arrive at the Sinclairs hotel, the starting point of the tour.

The rest of the Induni riders had arrived, with Christian and Didier from France, and Nathan and Gilby from the US. Gilby’s tyre explodes before he even rides out of the hotel, and they had spent the afternoon getting the locals to patch a very large split in his inner tube.

Geoff unpacks his bag to find that the foam around his unicycle had disintegrated, alongside his bottle of electrolyte powder, resulting in one very sticky unicycle.

We have our group briefing at the hotel bar, with Jason “Grasshopper Master” our tour leader explaining the route. We gasp at the very large pointy sections that represent over 2000m of climbing as we hit the Himalayas.

Dinner was made of many delicious curries at the Sinclairs Hotel restaurant. Perfect way to load up before our first day of riding.


“A grasshopper walks into a bar….”
Jason….retelling the same joke he tells us on every Unitour

“You write very good Hindi”
The baggage attendant, pointing to Geoffs unicycle bag

“May I take your picture please sir?”
Guy riding past on a bike, to Nathan

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